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The Enchanted Bicycle

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The Enchated Bicycle is a book about dreams, hard work, about empathy and giving and sharing with others. It is the story of Zamfira, a child from rural Romania, who dreamed of having a bicycle someday.

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Whisked away on an adventure that holds the essence of both the magical and the mundane, follow one girl’s journey of longing, courage, and of sacrificial love. It’s a story that will be read again and again, with new truths ever unfolding for the child, accompanied by whimsical illustrations that match the story’s colorful depth.
Jane G. Meyer, author and editor
 Author Mihaela Cosescu’s poetical text and the lushly vibrant illustrations of talented newcomer Andreea Chiornita give us a gorgeous glimpse into life – then and still sometimes now – in a quintessential Romanian village.  And then they whisk us away with Zamfira on a winding, magical journey that spans decades and lands, pedaled by generosity and gratitude.  One is left wondering if it was imagined or not.  And in the end, it doesn’t really matter.  Stunning and memorable!  A treat for eye, ear, and heart.
Brandi Bates, Reading Together Romania
Mihaela Coșescu reminds us with great mastery and attention to details, how precious the relation between the kids who already became adults and the childhood fairy-tales, the tradition, the childhood village, the grandparents, the joy of life. From the outstanding illustrations that overwhelms us when reading the story, to the text that unveils as a summer bike riding, a soft breeze, a smile on a child’s face… the complete story of the Enchanted Bicycle encourages us to wait with emotion until the very end. Mihaela’s book is a book written for children but is enjoyed greatly by adults!
Adriana Ioana Bârcean, English teacher in Martinești, mother in love of education.

ISBN: 978-606-94158-4-9

Format: 21,0 x 29,7 cm, hardcover, 40 pages.


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